School Improvement Priorities 2019-20

This year (2019-20) our priorities are:

  • To embed recent improvements in the teaching of reading and phonics so that pupils’ outcomes are consistently above national averages, particularly improving outcomes for boys and Pupil Premium children.

  • To develop further the quality of maths teaching and leadership, in order to narrow the gap in attainment for Pupil Premium children at end of Key Stage 1

  • To improve outcomes for the most vulnerable children pastorally, academically and holistically, including disadvantaged pupils and children with multiple vulnerability factors

  • To raise the profile of physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing of pupils and staff

  • To continue to strengthen leadership capacity in and across our partnership of school/s to strengthen further the quality of teaching and learning across our curriculum, developing a more outward-facing school.

Last year (2018-19) we worked hard to improve the following areas:

  • To improve progress in literacy so attainment at the Expected Standard and GDS is above the national average

  • To improve progress in mathematics across school so attainment at the Expected Standard is above the national average by the end of KS1

  • To improve progress and outcomes for our most vulnerable children, pastorally and academically

  • To support pupil and staff mental health incl. by further developing SMSC/PSHE throughout school

  • To develop further the leadership skills and impact of leaders at all levels to ensure consistently good and outstanding teaching and learning



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