Transition videos - virtual tours and teacher videos

Virtual tour of our Nursery (F1)

Hello from our headteacher, Mrs Bestall

Hello from Mrs Timmons
(Elmers F2 class 2020-21)

Hello from Mrs Hibberd and Miss Kay 
(Hungry Caterpillars Y1 class 2020-21)

Hello from Mrs Bettinson and Mrs Briggs 
(Crafty Chameleons Y2 class 2020-21)

Virtual tour of our Reception (F2)

Hello from Miss Hughes
(Gruffalo F2 class 2020-21)

Hello from Miss Dale
(Rainbow Fish Y1 class 2020-21)

Hello from Mrs Jordan
(Enormous Crocodiles Y2 class 

Hello from Miss Maloney
(Nursery 2020-21)