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Feedback from the February 2020 Parent/Carer Survey


What you love…


· The school communicates well, and the newsletter and the texting systems are ‘excellent’

· Staff are (in your words!) 'excellent', 'professional', 'kind' and 'supportive'

· ‘Staff make learning fun’ for the children

· 98% agree that school is well led and managed.   Thank you to those of you who feel that school is managed ‘fantastically’ well, with parents/carers reporting that leaders ‘respond quickly and thoroughly’ to questions raised

· 100% agree their child is ‘well cared for and nurtured at school’

· The 'family' and ‘homely’ feel to school

· The 'great range' of after school clubs

· 100% agree that the quality of teaching and learning is consistently high

· 98% feel that we make sure children are well behaved.  Parents/carers reported they like our behaviour management including rewards and the use of sticker badges to record and celebrate achievements.  100% also feel we deal effectively with bullying.

· ‘A fantastic school where the staff work tirelessly to help children achieve both academically and emotionally’, with 98% of parents/carers agreeing their child is making good progress.

· Parents/carers feel that every member of staff in school is friendly and treat the children 'fairly and equally'

· We always take time to listen

· We know each child in school, and are genuinely interested in what the children have to say

· 100% of parents/carers report their children feel safe at school

· 100% would recommend our school to other parents 

(58 parents/carers completed the survey)

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