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Our Curriculum Approach for 2020-21 - Routine, Relationships, Relevance and Reflection

The 'Recovery curriculum’ for 2020-21 will nurture and guide our children as they reintegrate back into school, and support them to move forward together, and will be based on routines, relationships, relevance and reflection. 

Our first two priorities have been to re-establish routines for the children and re-build relationships in our school community.  As always, we maintain the belief that relationships are at the heart of good teaching.  Our absolute priority is to reach out and continue to welcome our children and families into school, and to make time to listen to children and their experiences to support them pastorally as well as academically.

We have prioritised what the children need to learn and the skills and knowledge they need to move forward rapidly.  To inform this curriculum planning, we assessed each child informally (through tasks and activities where the children are not aware we are assessing them!).  This enabled us to plan a curriculum which is relevant for them.   Our planning has been informed by the assessment of our pupils’ starting points to address any gaps in their knowledge and skills.

We aim to deliver a relevant curriculum which hooks the children's interest with exciting and engaging topics, as we always have done.  We will be teaching an ambitious and broad curriculum in all subjects from the start of the autumn term, whilst making use of time to cover missed content.  The government recognised that substantial modification may be needed to the curriculum at the start of the year, with teaching time prioritised to address gaps in pupils’ knowledge, and expressed the aim that schools should return to their normal curriculum by no later than summer term 2021.  Whilst continuing to offer a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils which includes all subjects, there is an emphasis on -

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development incl. wellbeing and pastoral needs

  • Communication and Language incl. early reading, phonics, writing and increasing vocabulary

  • Maths

  • Physical Development/Education

The Recovery Curriculum will enable children to re-engage in learning and gain the confidence needed to settle back into school ready to learn the academic subject content they need to cover. Our overarching curriculum vision is to take a holistic approach which is personalised to individual needs with time made for children who require additional support, whilst maintaining an ambitious curriculum for all our children.

The final element in our approach towards the curriculum in 2020-21 is reflection.  This will provide a safe space for the children to express any anxieties or questions they may have, including supporting children to explore any feelings they may have experienced, including loss of friendship, social interaction, routine or freedoms etc.   We appreciate that the children's needs will change over the course of the year, as will the approach we need to take in school, and, therefore, we will be reflective in our practice.  We shall also build in time for the children to reflect on their own experiences, their wellbeing and their learning.  We have developed remote/online learning opportunities using the Tapestry platform that is available should a child or bubble have to self-isolate, or if there are national or local lockdowns.  

Our Recovery Curriculum Policy

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