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Our Golden Rules

We look after property:

  • Handling resources with care.

  • Putting resources back in the right place when finished with.

  • Hanging up our own coats and aprons.

  • Bringing your book bag to school everyday.

  • Bringing correct PE kit to school.

  • Passing equipment and not throwing it.


We are honest:

  • Always tell the truth even when in trouble.

  • Tell a grown-up about accidents before someone else does.

  • Never try to get a friend in trouble on purpose.

  • Accept our friend’s honesty and forgive.


We stay safe:

  • Tell a grown-up when we see a stranger in school or at the door.

  • Never go through the school gates and tell a grown-up if any are open.

  • We tell an adult if something has upset us or worries us.

  • Never behave dangerously.

  • Tell a grown-up if we see someone behaving dangerously.

  • Eat healthy lunches.

  • Eat fruit at playtimes.

  • Walk in school.

  • Drink water everyday.


We are kind and helpful:

  • Help our friends when they are hurt.

  • Never hurt anyone on purpose.

  • Learn together.

  • Hold doors open for school staff.

  • Say hello to grown-ups and friends in the morning.

  • Tidy our classrooms.

  • Help to look for lost property.


We always try our best:

  • Perseverance.

  • Working hard and giving good effort.

  • Following targets to improve our learning.

  • Completing homework and handing in on time.

  • Learning spellings/words sent home.

  • Reading each night at home.

  • Putting hand up to answer Qs.

  • Join in during assemblies – singing up and answering Qs.

  • Get to school everyday on time and have good attendance (95% or higher!)


We are polite:

  • Always saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

  • Listening when others are talking.

  • Respecting others and making new friends.

  • Say ‘hello’ to visitors and help to show them around.

  • Be a great ambassador for our school when on trips or visits.

  • Do what grown-ups ask first time.

  • Wait quietly in line.

Download OUR GOLDEN RULES poster

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