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Our PTA - HIP Group

Our parents/carers group, Friends of Halfway Nursery Infants (formerly HIP Group), was a support group made up of parents and staff which used to meet once each half term.  The meetings were friendly and informal and they were open to all parents/carers.

The group used to plan and organise fundraising events such as the school discos, quiz nights, Christmas events and other social events.  It also discussed various issues concerned with school.  The money raised was used, in consultation with the staff, to provide additional resources and equipment for the children.

As you can see from the list below, our parents\carers group provided lots of lovely things for our school.  The staff members would love to see the group start up again, so if a few parents/carers would like to get together, the staff would be thrilled!

Read the Spring 2023 HIP Group newsletter

HIP Group Fund Benefits

As a result of the hard work of the Group and the generosity of parents, carers and local businesses, children at our School have benefited from the following in the past:



  • IPads

  • Large screen TV for the hall

  • Book bags

  • Listening centres

  • Outside storage for toys

  • Computers

  • Dictionaries

  • Big books

  • Library books

  • Playground activity markings (hopscotch etc.)

  • Materials for making special things at Christmas

  • Presents from Santa

  • Photos from Santa

  • Reflective tabards providing additional safety on educational trips

  • Performance by the Travelling Theatre

  • Baking equipment

  • School disco for children leaving our School at the end of Year 2


Without the funding the Group provides, many things that the children enjoy would not happen, and a lot of the equipment and resources the children need would not be here.

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