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Ipad Apps Used in School

Parents/carers may find it helpful to know that we are using the following IPad apps as part of our efforts to develop writing skills:


  • 2Create a Story (2Simple) – In App Purchase (allows you to create a two page book for free, £2.99 thereafter.) – Great for creating mini books using children’s own photos or drawings. Sound and animation can be added too!

  • 2Simple Mash Cams – In App Purchase – Children can superimpose their face into a character and write and record direct speech based on their character choice.

  • Pages – Usually pre-installed with IOS, but can be purchased for £6.99 on the App Store – Simple word processing software.

  • Twinkl Phonics Suite - £4.99 – Jam packed with fun, interactive phonics, reading, writing and spelling activities for all phonics phases. Twinkl resources are used quite heavily in our school and this is a very good price for the amount of learning your children will get from the app!

  • Crazy Cursive - £2.29 – Brilliant for practising our style of cursive handwriting and also great for spelling practise of simple tricky words.

  • Picture Book – Free – Great for creating simple picture books.

  • Mr Thorne’s Phonics Starter Pack - £8.99 (or apps purchased separately for around £2 each) – Jam packed with teacher created activities for phonics, spelling, punctuation, grammar, reading and writing.










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