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Some of your feedback

"We are so proud of how well my child is doing and how much he is progressing, socially and emotionally.  Thank you for caring so much for my child and maiing him so happy and able to progress so much."

"I am very happy because my son has made extraordinary progress this year and this due to teachers who are very good at what they do."

"We are very proud at the achievements my child has made this year.  A huge thank to to the staff for making his first year so enjoyable."

"Wonderful teacher.  Wonderful school.  Please let us stay!"


"My son's report is fantastic - he has obviously worked very hard.  The classroom staff are great; their support and their teaching have paid off with the children."


"We have loved every minute of our time at Halfway Infant School and will miss you all very much."


"We would like to thank the teacher for her hard work this year in ensuring my son made such brilliant progress."


"My daughter has had a fabulous time in Y1 and loves the school.  Her teacher has ensured my daughter is appropriately challenged at the right level and, as a result, she has flourished."


"My son has loved every minute in F2 and gone from strength to strength in so many ways.  he is very lucky to be part of such a fantastic school."

"We would like to thank all the staff who have worked with my daughter, and helped her to reach her full potential.  She has very much enjoyed being part of this school."

"We feel the standard of teaching is very high here and that there is a warmness to the school which shows in the contentment and progress of the children."


"We are over the moon with our son's report and couldn't be happier.  He loves going to school and thinks the world of the teacher and TA."

"Thank you to all the staff that have contributed to my daughter's very happy time at the school.  She asked me to write 'Thank you for taking good care of me over the years'".

"Our massive thanks to the teacher, TA and all the staff for bring out the best in my son - such an enormous improvement in such a short amount of time."  

"I would like to thank the teacher and TA for bring on my daughter so far in her first year at school.  She has grown in confidence so much, and it's all down to you!"


"Thank you for the detailed insight into my daughter's first year in school.  I'm very proud of her achievements and how well she has adapted to the school environment.  I appreciate that this is in no small way down to the fantastic teaching and guidance provided by the school staff."  

"I am very happy with the way my daughter has settled into her new school.  Thanks you for creating a supportive and friendly environment for her."

"My daughter has grown in confidence so much and has progressed well this year. Thank you for all of your hard work."

"Really pleased with how well my daughter has settled into school.  Her reading gets better daily and we are so proud of her."


"My son’s is a great class to be in and we know that the teacher and all the teaching assistants work very hard with all the children."


"We are very pleased with the progress my daughter has made this year and appreciate everything that her teachers, and the school as a whole, have done to help and support her get to where she is.  She always enjoys coming to school and I’m sure she will continue to do so.  Thank you."


"My daughter absolutely loves coming to school and she adores her teacher and teaching assistant.  She is clearly doing well at school and she loves reading and writing at home too.  Thank you to all the teachers that have contributed to my daughter’s learning."


"We have notices my son’s confidence grow since joining Halfway Infants and can see how much he is improving."


"My daughter loves school and is very happy at Halfway Infants.  She has lots of lovely friends and the school provides a really supportive learning environment.  She is making excellent progress and we are so proud of her."


“The nursery is brilliant at developing children's social, emotional and independence skills.” 


“School as a whole is so warm and welcoming to both children and parents (lovely smiley staff).”


“Nursery has fantastic staff and great play areas - always clean and well looked after.”


“Headteacher and teachers are very fair, approachable and caring, flexible and understanding.  There is excellent communication between school and parents.”


“Excellent management, superb teachers and brilliant teaching assistants that give their all for the school (not forgetting all the support staff's hard work).”


“Good at keeping parents updated by class meetings/newsletters.”


“Good opportunities for involvement (super starters, finishers).”


"Lovely to see the headteacher and assistant headteacher on the door every morning, come rain or shine.  Incredibly welcoming and truly outstanding ethos."

"We are new to the area and we have all been more than impressed with how friendly, approachable and welcoming are all staff we have met.  This certainly made the children's first couple of weeks much easier."

"Can always get quick access to staff in school, and they are superb at making parents and children feel valued and welcome."

"My child has settled so well in the school.  It is a traditional school with a very young, bright and innovative team!"

"The children all seem really well settled in reception - they have been no tears anywhere which is a testament to how well the transition process has gone."


"Communication is outstanding.  Other schools could learn a lot from Halfway Infants.  Loads of events for parents, who are welcome to come into school any time to discuss how their children are progressing."


"A wonderful school.  My children just love it and staff are amazing."


"The transition process was made very easy.  It made it nice and simple - the school is fantastic for doing such a great job."


“Had a lovely time in the classroom.  Had great fun making fossils with clay.  It was a good opportunity to spend quality time at school with my son.”


“What a great morning.  The children were so well behaved and clever.  Well done, Mrs Parker!”


“A great opportunity to support our children’s learning.  Parent and teacher communication is fab!”


“It’s lovely to see what my daughter is doing at the minute.  I am amazed at how much she has progressed this year.  My daughter’s increased confidence is all thanks to her teacher.”


“What a lovely afternoon we had with the children, finding bugs and planting seeds.  Thank you.”



"Wizard School - what fun.  Lovely to see children in lessons enjoying themselves."


"Thank you for making my visit so enjoyable.  The observations I made in Foundation 2 classroom were very positive - visual support was available in every area for every ability."

"A lovely family atmosphere within the school.  Friendly staff and polite, well behaved children."


"A positive, happy learning environment.  Fantastic staff and support for parents and children."


"Very pleased with the settling-in process, and with some of the changes brought in this term e.g. Halloween Disco, creche for parents' evening.  Very supportive for both children and parents."


"Everyone seems very friendly - we look forward to my child having some very happy years here."


"Really happy with how well the school thinks and cares for each child.  The parents' evening creche is a fantastic idea - it means that both my husband and I can see the teacher." 


"The school is fantastic and improving all the time.  Well done - keep up the good work."


"Thanks very much for an informative parents' evening and reading and writing session - some fab tips."


"Brilliant reading and writing session - very useful.  Picked up loads of tips and gave us more confidence to try more things out at home."


"I am pleased with the new format the school has running - it's working so well.  Thank you."


"Keep up the good work - everyone at the school is doing a brilliant job.  The creche for parents' evening was very helpful.  Thanks."


"Was great to have a chance to talk to the teachers with no interruptions.  In past years parents' evening meant you sat around waiting for a long time, but tonight we got straight in for both appointments, which was good.  Also enjoyed the reading and writing workshop, which was very helpful, especially as it was planned in the evening.  In the past I have had to miss lots of things due to being at work."


"A wonderful Nativity Play.  It's marvellous that ALL children play an active role in it.  Well done!"


"Really enjoyed the Nativity Play.  There were some great singers and speakers.  What a happy start to the Christmas season.  Well done."


"Came to provide a music workshop for the children.  They were all very polite and enthusiastic towards all aspects of the session.  Hope to be invited in again."


"My daughter started nursery recently and I want to say how fantastic the nursery staff are.  Thay all made my daughter feel safe and welcome, and I am so impressed with the work they do.  A huge thank you to everyone involved'"


"Staff were very helpful when I came to make an enquiry.  What a nice atmosphere."


"Another great occasion with parents, teachers and the the headteacher interacting.  Thoroughly enjoyable."

"It was lovely to see everyone dressed up for World Book Day.  The staff have made a real effort, and I was sad not to be staying when I dropped my son off for the day."


“I’m really happy with the school’s efforts – my son enjoys his work and activities here – keep up the good work.”


“I’m very impressed with the school.  My daughter can’t wait to get there every morning.  The activities you do for special occasions such as Christmas and Mother’s Day are lovely.  Keep up the fantastic work!”


“I have been very impressed with the school and its staff.  So much is put into the children’s learning.”


“I’m very impressed with everything at school, especially the staff/parent involvement.  Keep up the good work!”


"I haven’t a bad word to say – I’m very confident in my children’s learning and the support given by the fantastic staff.”


“I’m very happy with the progress my boys are making at the school.  Very impressed with the work displayed.”


“I love the atmosphere at the school, and the staff are great!”


“My child is making very good progress at the school.  The children are aware of the Golden Rules and for the most part stick to them.”


“Our school always ensures everyone is involved, which is a fine example of how a school should be.  Staff always go that extra mile.”


“All round excellence!”


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