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2015 Family Survey

  •  100% of parents/carers of children in all years (N, R, Y1, Y2) agreed or strongly agreed that:

  • Their children like school;

  • Their children are making good progress;

  • Children behave well;

  • Their children feel safe at school;

  • Teaching is good;

  • The school is led and managed well;

  • Staff encourage their children to become mature and independent;

  • There is a good range of activities that their children finds interesting and enjoyable;

  • The arrangements for helping their children settle in when they started at the school were good.


2.     All said they would recommend the school to other parents.


3.     90% or more of parents/carers of children in all years (N, R, Y1, Y2) agreed or strongly agreed that:

  • Their children are not bullied or harassed at school;

  • They feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions, or a problem, or complaints;

  • Staff treat their children fairly;

  • The school seeks the view of parents and takes account of their suggestions and concerns;

  • Staff explain how parents/carers can help their children at home;

  • They are kept well informed about what events and activities are happening at school.


4.     Respondents reported the following as amongst the main strengths of the school:


  • Good leadership;

  • Keeping parents informed;

  • Good relationships between parents and staff;

  • Developing children's social, emotional and independence skills;

  • Warm and welcoming to both children and parents (lovely smiley staff);

  • Good communication with parents; 

  • Variety of themed activities for pupils;

  • Involving parents and other family members in school life - stay and play, texts, fayres, newsletters.

5.     When asked for the one thing that they would wish to see improved in school, responses included:


  • A little more building of academic skills and interests in nursery where appropriate for children;

  • Improved car parking facilities;

  • More joint working with other schools - especially Halfway Junior School;

  • More online practice materials for children;

  • Differentiated homework - or challenge packs in preparation for SATS;

  • More after school clubs/extra curricula activities at a lower, more affordable prices;

  • Guide for new parents on e.g. where to wait, what to expect when helping in school;

  • More flexible meeting times for full time working parents;

  • More structured learning.

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