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Our Super Kids ‘wrap around care’ services include a breakfast club, after school club and nursery lunch club.  You can book places in advance, as well as on an ad hoc basis.  You will be invoiced at the end of each month – you do not need to pay in advance.  We have also offered this service to Halfway Junior School - this will give parents who have children at both schools the opportunity to benefit from the service.  

For further information, or if you have any queries, speak to Jenette in the nursery office tel 2470564.  You can download all our booking forms from this page.

Meet the Team

Jenette Rawson
Wrap Around Care Manager

Teresa Barker
Super Kids Afterschool Club 
Play Supervisor

Zoe Thickett

Super Kids Afterschool and Breakfast Club
Play Supervisor

Jane Whiteley

Super Kids Afterschool and Breakfast Club
Play Supervisor

Prices and Booking Forms


Our prices from 1st September 2020 

Nursery lunches (hot meal)         £4

Nursery lunches (packed lunch)   £3


Afterschool club (Superkids), will be charged at a single payment of £8.25 per child per hour regardless of the pick-up time. 

We will, howver, offer a discount of 10% per child per session if 2 or more siblings are booked on the same day. 


Afterschool club hours will continue to be 3.00pm – 6.00pm. Friday will revert to a 6.00pm finish. A ‘light’ snack will be served between 4.00pm and 5.00pm for those children that remain in our care at this time.          

Booking Forms

Superkids Registration Form

Booking Form – Superkids After School Club 

Speak to Jenette on 2470564 to book nursery lunches.  You can bring children to breakfast club without making a prior booking.

Health Registration and Consent Form (DOC)


Breakfast Club


Our breakfast club is available from 8am onwards during term time.   The club is run in our nursery building and is managed by our Breakfast Club Supervisors.  This is a warm and friendly atmosphere with lots of activities to get your child’s brain ready for learning.

Children can enjoy toast, cereal, fruit juice and milk.

Children are delivered safely to their classroom ready for the start of the day.


Nursery Lunches


Nursery lunches, and associated additional one hour’s childcare, are available to all nursery children as an extra service to their 15 hours of free early learning.  Lunches cost £4.00 for a hot meal, which consists of 2 courses (main meal and a pudding).  Alternatively, for £3.00 you can bring your child a packed lunch which they can sit and enjoy with the children who have opted for hot meals.  Please see our nursery page for information on admissions and payable additional hours.


Super Kids Afterschool club

Superkids Club is held in our warm and friendly parent’s room in the nursery building.  Jane and Zoe are our qualified Play Supervisors.  They plan lots of exciting things for the children to do whilst winding down after a hard day at school or nursery.  
Children are collected from their classrooms at the end of the school day and enjoy creative activities, games and films. 
Children staying for 2 or 3 hours will also have their tea at the club.  They enjoy pasta, jacket potatoes, soup and rolls and much more. 
Sometimes we have special party teas to celebrate special occasions.  

Super Kids is available to all Halfway Nursery Infant School children and Halfway Junior School children.  Children from the Junior school are walked down and delivered safely to the club by a member of the Junior School staff.


Superkids club runs from 3.00pm – 6.00pm, Monday to Friday - all term time only.

Here’s what our children say about Super Kids!

“Jane and Zoey are nice and kind, I like playing on the PlayStation and I like the food that they give us and I see lots of friends”

Georgie      Age 8 (Y4)


“I like eating hotdogs and playing on the PlayStation.  I like the football table too!”

Luka          Age  7 (Y2)


“I like to play on the Star Wars  game, I have beans on toast and biscuits”     Lucas Age 3 (F1)

“I wish I could come everyday, I like having my tea” Cameron Age 3 (F1)


“I like tea and colouring and I like films”  

Mia Age 5 (F2)


I like playing in the home corner and playing with the dolls.  I like snack and milk”

Milly Age 6 (Y1)


“I like to play in the home corner” Alice Age 3 (F1)

I like colouring and I like having tea, I like to play and reading books”  Bella Age 5 (Y1)


“I enjoy playing on the football table with my brother.  I also like having hot dogs and pizza for tea.  Super Kids always has lots of colouring to do”    Jonathan Age 9 (Y5)


“When I come to afterschool club I have a nice time and it’s called Super Kids and it really is super”   Isla Age 7 (Y2)


“I like having my tea.  I like reading the Disney books, I have made new friends at afterschool club”   Abby Age 5 (Y1)

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